James Blunt's family ambition

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James Blunt's "greatest ambition" is to have a family.

The 36-year-old singer - who has dated Spanish beauty Sabina Vidal and supermodel Petra Nemcova in the past - admitted despite his reputation as a ladies' man, he hopes to have his own family one day.

He said: "To fail at marriage would be really sad. Family is a really special thing and should be seen as one of the greatest ambitions.

"The happiest friends I know are in close-knit relationships with children who make them smile."

However, while he is envious of many of his friends' relationships, the 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker - who prior to his music career was an officer in the British army - explained all his pals ever do is "take the p**s" out of him.

James added to the Sunday Times Magazine: "I've made a career out of cheese! I was at f***ing boarding school. I was in the army. We ribbed each other throughout. My friends - we only take the p**s out of each other.

"If I didn't get it, I would think they didn't love me."