Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson merged to create 'internet goddess'


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The faces of Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence have been collided in Photoshop to make a disturbingly beautiful/creepy hybrid of the two actresses.

If Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, Jennifer Watson is the face that could front a thousand romcoms.

The image was uploaded to Imgur by a user with two much times on their hands and quickly attracted thousands of views, with one person commenting: "This confuses my brain, but I can't look away from this" and another demanding: "WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS?!"

The composite looks to have a little more Watson than it does Lawrence, and is verging on creepy with its symmetrical perfection.

Perhaps the weirdest concoction the internet has come up with however is Barack Obama meets George W. Bush:

George W. Bush meets Barack Obama (Picture: Imgur)

Jennifer Lawrence is set to take a year-long break from acting this year, following a punishing schedule that saw her work on the entire Hunger Games franchise in addition to other film projects.