Jeremy Clarkson: Six videos that show why the Top Gear star is loved and hated in equal measure

From the controversies to his Top Gear stunts...

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He’s a man of many words… that have often got him into trouble.

With the BBC announcing their decision to not renew Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear contract, we take a look at some of his most defining moments. From the controversies to his Top Gear stunts, here is our round-up of his defining moments:

Apology for using the N-word

Following the controversy surrounding the allegations of Clarkson’s use of the N-word, the presenter responded with a video begging for forgiveness last year. 

“Please be assured I did everything in my power to not use that word, as I'm sitting here begging your forgiveness for the fact my efforts obviously weren't quite good enough, thank you,” he said in the film.

Clarkson says public sector workers ‘should be shot’

Speaking on the BBC’s The One Show in back 2011, Clarkson said that striking public sector workers ‘should be shot’, saying that they should be ‘taken outside and executed them in front of their families’. He later apologised for the remark.


Clarkson is sick while experiencing G-Force

He’s done a lot of things as part of his job. In this clip from Clarkson’s show Extreme Machines, he took a roll in an F15 fighter jet leading to some stomach-churning scenes…

Clarkson takes on the Robin Reliant

This may possibly be one of the funniest Clarkson moments to date, the Top Gear presenter took the Robin Reliant, which turned out to be anything but. Clarkson has to enlist the help of locals to prop his car back up after the three-wheeler takes a tumble several times.

Clarkson drives the smallest car in the world

When he’s funny, he can be hilarious. Clarkson puts the mini motor through its paces on the road. Yes, this car is allowed to be driven around the UK after passing all the necessary government safety tests. 

Clarkson and the campervan challenge

Who can forget the sight of Clarkson driving a cobbled together campervan of sorts with a conifer on the front of it? Neither can we. The show is notorious for destroying caravans and the like, and this episode was no exception.


The BBC will reportedly be announcing its decision over whether the suspended Top Gear presenter still has a career on the popular motoring show later today.