Jeremy Clarkson fired: People are so upset about a car show they're using #JeSuisClarkson

Worth Twitter searching if you hate feeling happy

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The BBC announced that it will not be renewing Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear contract today following his fracas/assault on a colleague, and fans were furious. Where will they get their jokes about Australians being simple and German road trips set to the theme from The Great Escape now?

People were in such disbelief that they aped the hashtaggery of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, partly in jest but it was all a bit gross all the same.

Here's a selection of people buffing their Shelby Cobras in disgust so hard they've bored a hole in the bonnet:

It wasn't just #JeSuisClarkson people were reaching for though, another old favourite reared its ugly head – it's political correctness gone mad.

Political correctness is in a constant state of insanity according to these people, it really should just be locked up in an asylum indefinitely.

Clarkson's sacking came in spite of a petition to reinstate him attracting over a million signatures.

There is no word yet on who, as Stewart Lee put it, will "have politically incorrect opinions for money" in his place on Top Gear.