Jeremy Clarkson in hot water (again) after fans criticise dangerous ‘doing a lap of your own car’ Top Gear stunt

Fans complained after the presenter was seen climbing out of the window of a moving car while he was driving it

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There’s barely a week in which Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t manage to enrage someone or another.

Today, that baton was handed back to the fuming viewers of Top Gear, who blasted the presenter for taking part in a dangerous stunt on the show.

The presenter was seen climbing out of the window of a moving car while he was driving it in an effort called ‘doing a lap of your own car’. Which, fairly obviously, involved doing exactly the latter while his co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May languished in the back seats and probably hoped they didn’t collide into anything hard during the process. You know, like a brick wall.

“I think this is what George Michael was trying to do,” he said, taking another swipe at the singer he’d previously insulted by referring to his car crash into the Hampstead branch of Happy Snaps (RIP) back in 2011.

To make matters even more dangerous, May and Hammond also swapped seats while driving, ‘surfed’ on the roof of the car and took part in a drag race in an event they aptly labelled a ‘Don’t -try-this-at-home nostalgia trip.’

May and Hammond filmed the whole stunt as it happened, much to the dismay of the seven who called in to complain

The problem is, once you’ve showed a nation of teenagers what they definitely shouldn’t do with a vehicle by doing it, having fun and surviving the entire ordeal, the seed has been sewn.

And that’s exactly what the seven people who phoned the BBC to complain about the programme were raging about. Still. Seven compared to the 5.3million who tuned in to view the episode? Aunty Beeb will barely bat an eyelid.