Jeremy Clarkson live blogs Top Gear wrap party attended by just four guests

The presenter's Australian event was far from heaving... But it was attended by Bruno Senna

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Jeremy Clarkson live-tweeted the Top Gear wrap party in Australia over the weekend, which was attended by just three or four guests.

While the presenter isn’t known for being the most popular TV personality on the planet, the programme itself attracts over 5million viewers week-on-week.

So, as the show draws to a close next week, Clarkson thought he’d keep his followers up-to-date with the latest from the sparsely populated event.

This featured live-action shots of an empty dance floor, a table filled with food that no-one was eating, a swimming pool with no-one in it and a single female sitting alone on a couch.

‘My God. The world’s biggest TV show knows how to rock,’ he posted alongside one image.

However, the party was attended by one special guest, Ayrton Senna's nephew, Formula One driver Bruno Senna.

The show has just celebrated its 21st  series on television, and in typical Top Gear style, it did not pass without controversy.

In January, Clarkson came under fire for posting an image of himself asleep on a plane next to a piece of white paper with the words ‘gay c**t’ scrawled onto it.

Clarkson’s co-host James May could be seen smiling away in the background of the shot as the practical joke was played.

He then shared the image on his Twitter account alongside the caption: “Sadly, I fell asleep on the plane.”


After attracting a barrage of protesting tweets, the 53-year-old removed the message, posting instead: “I have deleted my last tweet and would like to apologise profusely to anyone who I upset while I was asleep.”

At the start of February, he came under fire once again for taking part in a dangerous stunt called ‘doing a lap of your own car’, which saw him climb out of the window and over the roof while he was driving.

“I think this is what George Michael was trying to do,” he said, taking another swipe at the singer he’d previously insulted by referring to his car crash into the Hampstead branch of Happy Snaps (RIP) back in 2011.

To make matters even more dangerous, May and Hammond also swapped seats while driving, ‘surfed’ on the roof of the car and took part in a drag race in an event they aptly labelled a ‘Don’t -try-this-at-home nostalgia trip.’