Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter caught on 'kiss-cam' after 69 years of marriage

The 39th US President has said getting married was the best thing he ever did

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Jimmy Carter has long explained his secret for a long marriage to anyone who will listen: place the other person at the centre of everything and never go to sleep without settling your differences.

“Just being able to admit you MIGHT be mistaken and that the other person MIGHT be right will improve a relationship,” the 90-year-old told a bible class at his church last month, with Rosalynn, his wife of 69 years watching on.

Now, the couple has been captured keeping the romance alive at the “kiss cam” at an Atlanta Braves baseball game on Thursday night.

Mr Carter, a long-time fans, took up his regular seat despite undergoing treatment for cancer that he recently revealed has spread to his brain

As it was, the Atlanta Braves lost 5-0 to the Toronto Blue Jays, but the Carters - married since 1946 – managed to earn themselves even more fans.