John Prescott complains to LBC after presenter makes joke about him causing the floods by getting out of the bath


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If there’s anyone who knows how to escalate a relatively minor situation, it’s former Deputy Prime Minister, Lord John Prescott (scroll down to see the conversation).

Not one to shy away from making a splash, the ex-Labour MP became so incensed by a joke directed at him by LBC radio presenter and political columnist Julia Hartley-Brewer that he decided to complain to the radio station directly.

And perhaps rightly so. The quip was deeply personal, suggesting that the MP had caused the floods by getting out of the bath.

It was also really funny, if you’re not John Prescott.

The only problem is, he complained directly on Twitter, not only drawing attention to the joke in question by sharing it with his followers but also prompting an equally witty response.


Hartley-Brewer’s joke was initially made after Prescott tweeted the following about the Hull floods of 2007:

The presenter then posted:

Taking offence, Prescott hurled his anger at the official Twitter account of LBC, posting:

Which dangled a fresh carrot in front of Hartley-Brewer, who drew attention to it by tweeting:

All in a day's work. Though we wonder if it would be quite the laughing matter if a male presenter had said the same about a female MP.

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