Justin Bieber changes his name to ‘Bizzle’, UK rapper Lethal Bizzle responds

Turns out the UK Grime star was less than impressed by the teen's image overhaul

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In the latest episode of Justin Bieber’s ridiculous life, the singer has decided, after a string of arrests and controversies, that a rebrand is in order.

So he’s changed his name – at least on his Instagram account, where he made the announcement throwing up shapes next to rapper T.I. – to the far more hip-hop friendly ‘Bizzle’. As in ‘J-Bizzle’.

We know.

But there is one UK rapper of early 2000s More Fire Crew fame that has taken the whole thing rather badly.

Enter Lethal Bizzle. Who seemed to be more than a little irate to have his moniker used by the teen pop tear-away, judging by the Facebook status he posted above.

However, it seems the title could be a short-lived persona for J-Bizzle (cringe). Speaking to one fan on Twitter, he mercifully confirmed that it would only be his name “for now”.


Meanwhile, older folk (and Miley Cyrus) appear to be clambering over themselves to offer Bizzle advice.

Including Michelle Obama, who, when asked how she’d handle a son who behaved like the 19-year-old Canadian, responded with the following: “I would pull him close. You know, I don't know if it would be advice as much as action.”

Bizzle would love that. If he wasn’t facing an assault charge in Toronto, a resisting arrest charge in Miami and potentially one in Los Angeles, too, for criminal vandalism after egging a neighbour’s house and allegedly causing upwards of $20,000 of damage.

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