Kanye West in most reluctant selfie ever

West apparently called the fan back for a less passive aggressive photo

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Kanye West comes in for a lot of stick for his 'rants' and his fury over not being recognised as a divine being by the fashion industry and whatnot, with the sarcastic charge often being: 'Ooooh it must be so hard being a rich and famous rapper.'

But you have to feel for him when it comes the battery of selfies he faces every day, as something as simple as traversing a parking lot becomes an obstacle course filled with smartphone owners leaning opportunistically into your personal space.

He certainly looked to have had more than his fill of fan pictures as he left his New York apartment on Tuesday, appearing completely expressionless as a young man stuck his arm around the rapper and whipped out his iPhone.

Despite the fact that getting a selfie with a grimacing Kanye West is probably worth five times the Facebook Likes of one in which he is smiling, Kanye clearly didn't want the fan to feel slighted, reportedly later calling him over for a snap by his car.

When not battling the incessant photojournalism of the public, West has recently been working on a film.

Inspired by his album Yeezus, the script is being penned by The Canyons writer Bret Easton Ellis.