Kate Moss and leading UK fashion figures wear balaclavas to protest against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws in dramatic new video

The supermodel, alongside a whole cast of leading fashion figures, can be seen  wearing a balaclava in a dramatic short film for Amnesty International

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Kate Moss has become the latest star to stand up against Vladimir Putin’s controversial anti-gay propaganda laws in a new campaign for Amnesty International.

The supermodel, alongside a whole cast of leading fashion figures, can be seen  wearing a balaclava in a dramatic short film created by designer Gareth Pugh, filmmaker Ruth Hogben and photographer Nick Knight in collaboration and his website SHOWstudio.

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“The existence of such animosity towards the LGBTI community in Russia is abhorrent,” Pugh said. “I can only hope that this project helps to raise awareness of what is such a desperate series of events.”

“Has humanity learnt nothing?” Knight added. “This situation in Russia is an unbelievable step backwards for an enlightened world.”

In the strong black-and-white video, Moss can be seen pulling off the balaclava and staring into the camera as the words ‘I Support Amnesty International in their fight against the prejudice and violence directed towards the LGBTI community in Russia’ fade in below her profile shot.


The campaign, which also stars Henry Holland, Giles Deacon and Roksanda Ilincic, among others, aims to raise awareness of human rights abuses in the country, with a meditation on the themes of chaos and control, illusion and propaganda, and the need for a unified response to Russia's recent actions.

“Ultimately it is a call to speak with one voice: love is a human right,” the statement reads.

This is the first in a series of films to be released to coincide not just with the beginning of London Fashion Week, but also the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics currently happening in Russia.

“We’re delighted that so many leading lights of the fashion industry are marking the most important week in their calendar - London Fashion Week - by showing solidarity with ordinary people in Russia suffering under the crackdown on human rights,” AI campaigner Sara Rydkvist said.

“Freedoms are fast disappearing in Russia. LGBTI rights are being trampled under the so-called ‘gay propaganda’ law banning people from giving under-18s information about homosexuality.

“Peaceful protesters are being arrested and imprisoned, public gatherings of more than one person could land you behind bars, NGOs are being silenced and artists harassed and censored.”

The series can be viewed in full at SHOWStudio

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