Katie Hopkins compares herself to Jesus

And other offensive tweets from her acerbic #AskKatie Q&A

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One-woman offence machine Katie Hopkins has travelled a step further in her quest to become Britain’s most disliked chat show pundit.

The former Apprentice winner treated her followers to a typically acerbic Q&A session on Twitter yesterday.

Seemingly eager to maintain an equal balance of vague political commentary and downright ludicrous statements, she discussed a number of subjects.

Including her heroes, Margaret Thatcher and Boris Johnson and why people don’t find her nearly as hilarious as she finds herself.

She attempted to troll Piers Morgan, saying that the presenter drank ‘cyanide for breakfast’, which would, as he’s still alive, be pretty impressive.

And then she said something weird about Peter Pan and paedophiles:

But nothing could prepare the world for the self-comparison to rival all self-comparisons. Yes, even Kanye West’s:

And we’re not the only ones to find her a tad Marmite. Photographer Rankin said he found Hopkins even more offensive than North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un:

“Everyone’s got a voice now and that’s brilliant,” he tells The Independent in an exclusive new interview. “Giving someone a voice doesn’t mean that they are necessarily going to use it that wisely. That kind of narrowness of vision, it scares me.”

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