Keeping the seat of power comfy: Prince Charles and his favourite cushion


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It will come as a relief to readers that Prince Charles’s bottom, the very one due to sit – one day – on the nation’s throne, has its own special cushion. According to the The Mail on Sunday, when the Prince arrived at Kensington Palace by helicopter (natch) last week, one of his bodyguards followed him out carrying “his favourite embroidered silk cushion”, which was then passed to his chauffeur.

The existence of the cushion, apparently to help to ease the 64-year-old’s sore back, has caused some mirth, but you don’t have to be a royal watcher to know that the Prince has form for this. It has long been reported that the tasks of Charles’s valets include picking his clothes up off the floor and drawing his baths.

A 2006 book by Jeremy Paxman claimed that the Prince had seven eggs – from runny to hard – prepared for him each morning, from which he chose his favourites (this was later denied). This came after lurid details from a book by media-hungry former royal employee Paul Burrell, which revealed that Michael Fawcett, a close aide of the Prince of Wales, once had to hold a urine-specimen bottle, while his master filled it.

It’s really more of a surprise that he doesn’t have a dedicated full-time keeper of the royal cushion.