Kelly Osbourne hasn't got time to be lonely

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Kelly Osbourne hasn't got time to be lonely

The 26-year-old TV presenter - who broke up with fiancee Luke Worrall last year after he was accused of cheating on her with a transsexual -has recently moved in with her male best friend, and is angry at the suggestion she has not moved on from her ex.

She said: "My friend Nate didn't move in because I'm lonely or to look after me, but because he's my best friend and we've been talking about living together for 10 years.

"I'm too busy with work and friends to be lonely. People should stop making out I'm some sad arse sitting around feeling sorry for myself. I've moved on."

Kelly recently spent some time with her brother trekking in California, but was injured by the intense sun.

Speaking in her column for Closer magazine, she said: "Back in Los Angeles, I went for a hike up Runyon Canyon with my brother Jack and his friends Chris and Wallace.

"After just one hour of hiking in Los Angeles My back was so burnt - it look liked it had two iron stamps on it for days!"