Lee Ryan arrested for alleged drink driving: CBB villain given 'biggest wake-up call' as he confirms he's checking into rehab this week

The Blue singer, 30, was arrested for alleged drink driving and possession of a Class A drug

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Lee Ryan has said that his recent arrest for suspected drink driving was “the biggest wake up call” and that he will be checking into rehab soon.

The Blue singer, 30, was arrested last Friday (April 12) for alleged drink driving and possession of a Class A drug. He was later also charged with failing to provide a specimen and causing criminal damage.

Lee Ryan assault charge withdrawn

Speaking about the arrest for the first time to the Daily Star, Ryan said: “I know I’ve let people down. Being arrested and ending up in a cell was the biggest wake-up call to me.

“There is nobody to blame but myself and I’m deeply ashamed of what has happened.

“It made me realise there is a problem I can’t keep ignoring. I need to do something about it.”

Ryan is said to be checking into rehab at The Priory later this week.

He said: “Me going to rehab isn’t a cop-out. I still take full responsibility for the way I’ve behaved.

“I am doing this because I have finally admitted I need help. I want to stop hurting the people around me.”

Ryan was arrested and taken to a police station in Ealing, West London, after police spotted him driving erratically at around 5:30am on Friday morning.

Following his arrest, a spokesperson for the singer said: “This low point has caused considerable concern to lee’s family, loved ones, and of course the Blues boys… No excuses will be made on Lee’s behalf, but he will be seeking professional help for those issues that he has been unable to overcome on his own.”

The pop star is reported to have been struggling with alcohol since February, after recovering from a sleeping pill addiction following the public backlash to his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

He is due to appear at Ealing magistrates’ court on 2 May 2014.