Les Gibbard, 1945-2010: Charming cartoonist with a razor-sharp nib

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Les Gibbard, the cartoonist and illustrator who worked for The Independent on Sunday, died last week at the age of 64 after what should have been a routine knee-replacement operation. Peter Schrank, this paper's political cartoonist, for whom Gibbard would stand in on holiday duty, said: "His style was economical and understated. He wasn't savage, his cartoons were usually charming, which makes the point twice as effectively."

Tim Benson of the Political Cartoon Society agreed: "His 'line' was always wonderfully humorous. He was never vulgar or abusive." Like David Low, his predecessor at The Guardian, and the Telegraph's Nicholas Garland, Gibbard was brought up in New Zealand. He came to Britain in the 1960s. "The humour was always in the drawings, but there was never malice in them, which may have been why he also managed to be admired by politicians as well," said Benson.

The IoS sends its condolences to Les's wife Susannah.