Liam Gallagher won't be at Noel's wedding

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Liam Gallagher will not attend his brother Noel's wedding.

The Beady Eye frontman - who has been estranged from his sibling since their group Oasis split in August 2009 following a series of explosive rows - insists he hasn't been invited to tomorrow's nuptials between the guitarist and Sara MacDonald, despite Noel's recent comments that he wanted the singer to be there.

Asked if he was attending the wedding, Liam told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper: "No, I'm busy playing gigs in Chicago.

"He goes on about how he wasn't invited to my wedding. No one was at my wedding but Nic's [wife Nicole Appleton] mum and my mum. Get over it, mate. I've not been invited to his wedding. I'll be in Chicago."

During his bachelor party earlier this month, Noel admitted he wanted Liam to be at his wedding.

He said: "He is my brother. He is a tit but he's my brother so I guess he should be there. Yeah, I would want him there.

"Family is family on days like that and it would make a lot of people happy. But he'll always be a complete t**t."

The rockers' mother Peggy is also keen for Liam and Noel to end their feud and believes the wedding is the perfect opportunity to do so.

A source said recently: "Unless he's broken both his legs, Liam has been told he is going to watch his brother get married."