Liam Neeson 'saved a stray dog from a teen gang' because he's Liam Neeson

Neeson 'just shook his head' at gang

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Today in highly questionable reports we sincerely hope are true, Liam Neeson rescues a defenceless dog from the wrath of teenage 'gangbanger wannabe types'.

A dubious source told the National Enquirer that Neeson came across the group "stoning a dog to death" while he was walking in Central Park.

According to an eyewitness: "Abruptly changing direction, Liam charged down a path and confronted three gangbanger wannabe types who were throwing rocks at a stray they’d cornered up against a trash bin. Liam yelled that they’d better stop or he’d knock the crap out of them – but the punks just swaggered up and warned him to mind his own business. In a fury, he warned them to back off fast – or else!"

In the least believable bit of dialogue ever, the boys then retreated with the ringleader telling Neeson: "Yeah, okay, man…we’re out of here!"

The Non-Stop star apparently just shook his head and approached the shivering dog, stroking it as he waited for a policeman to arrive and assess its injuries, who later thanked Neeson and told him: "I'll take it from here, sir!"

Real or not, the incident will do wonders for Neeson-dog relations after reports that he ate 'wolf stew' while filming on The Grey landed him in hot water with Peta in 2012.