L'Oréal makes Hugh Laurie the face of male cosmetics

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Having already made a surprising appearance in the album charts as a blues musician this year, the actor Hugh Laurie has now announced an even more unlikely career development: serving as an "ambassador" for male cosmetics.

Sneaking an inevitable slogan into his announcement that he would be appearing in adverts for L'Oréal, Laurie said: "At first I thought it was a mistake but then I realised that L'Oréal wasn't looking for models, but real people with strong personalities, who are worth it ... and who aren't afraid to proclaim that using cosmetics can be a very masculine decision after all."

One of the main attractions for the company was undoubtedly Mr Laurie's impressive profile in the US, where he is known for the popular TV series House. But as they incorrectly called it Dr House in their press release, it is unclear if marketing executives at L'Oréal have ever watched it themselves.

Cyril Chapuy, global brand president of L'Oréal Paris, was nevertheless gushing of Laurie, saying he was "the perfect example of a modern man: genuine, uninhibited, strong and willing to pursue his passions to the end".