Madonna gives Ritchie £50m

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Guy Ritchie received a divorce settlement from Madonna worth at least £50m, the pop singer's spokeswoman confirmed yesterday, putting an end to rumours that he walked away from their marriage with nothing.

The sum, which is thought to be a record payout for a man from his ex-wife, amounts to a sixth of Madonna's £300m fortune. The pair were granted a divorce last month, bringing an end to their eight-year marriage. The figure was initially leaked to the press by a source close to the 50-year-old singer, who was apparently eager to scotch the idea that Ritchie, 40, had gained nothing financially from the settlement.

The source told London's Evening Standard that they believed the film director would receive a payout of about £50m in cash and property, including the couple's country estate in Wiltshire, Ashcombe House. "It would be nice if somebody turned the table on this and set the record straight," the source said. "He is not like some monk running around saying he doesn't want money. You don't get money unless you ask for it. And he asked for it."

The source said Madonna had been angered by the suggestion that she had not been duly generous to her ex-husband and wanted to "make that point": "You can imagine how Madonna feels. She has been very generous to him. It isn't about being acrimonious."

Madonna's spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, confirmed that Ritchie would receive between £50m and £60m, but that custodial arrangements for their children had yet to be finalised.