Man About Town: Getting Cameron Diaz on camera as London went Live

One of my first assignments was at the premiere of The Other Woman

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A week on from trying to grab Ricky Gervais on the red carpet, I was tasked with catching Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann live on camera.

While we were effectively in pilot (read, practice) mode when I spoke to Gervais, with these two, it was for real. Our new channel London Live launched this week and one of my first assignments was at the premiere of The Other Woman in Mayfair.

The film is a lively comedy about women who find that the same man is cheating on them and the red carpet was just as lively. By this I mean it presented an opportunity to ask the leading ladies what they would do to their partners if they caught them cheating, and why they kept grabbing each other’s bottoms (on set, on the red carpet, it really seems to be a thing for them).

Both suggested taking the high road if caught out, but I’m not sure these two strong, confident types would be quite so generous in real life.

Luke Blackall interviews Leslie Mann on the red carpet for the premiere of 'The Other Woman' (London Live)


Being part of the brilliant team that has launched London Live has been one of the most exciting experiences of my career, and it has been great to finally go to air.

But TV has its own challenges too. And I have learnt two more vital skills this week, albeit ones I already thought I had.

The first was how difficult it is to walk and talk. It’s something I do the whole time,  be it with family, friends or on the phone. Put a video camera into the mix and you suddenly start to question every aspect of your coordination.

The other was how to talk on air for a minute and a half, and not um, er, or repeat yourself too much. Like of “Just a minute” with another half added on. For someone who enjoys the sound of his own voice as much as I do, it was a bit of a surprise to find out…

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