Mel Gibson's stepmother files restraining order against him


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Mel Gibson's stepmother has filed for a restraining order against him, claiming he threatened her and spat in her face.

In the latest controversy to plague the Lethal Weapon star, 78-year-old Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson, who is divorcing Gibson's father, Hutton, after 11 years, said she feared for her safety.

Her petition accuses her stepson of screaming at her for questioning his preference for the medical care of his father John, 93. The application also describes an alleged incident in May when Mel Gibson became "incensed and began acting like a wild man" around her. Mrs Gibson claims she "could feel his spit hitting her face" as the 56-year-old actor abused her. Mrs Gibson calls her stepson as "a very dangerous man" and suggests "it is only a matter of time before Mel crosses the line even further and physically assaults me".