Michael Winner's widow 'left penniless' after film director's assets are frozen


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Michael Winner might have been renowned for his expensive tastes, but the film director’s widow has been left penniless after his assets were frozen following his death.

Geraldine Winner, whose husband passed away earlier this year, said she was angered by the way his estate was being handled.

As all of the accounts were in Mr Winner’s name, she has been unable to access his multi-million pound fortune.

“You know, the bank accounts were frozen. They froze them. Literally within five minutes of his death they had frozen everything,” she told the Sunday Times.

“He would never, ever, ever, have wanted me to find myself in this situation... He would never, ever have left me with no money. Never.”

Mrs Winner said her husband’s friends are also feeling the pinch.

“To show you I wasn’t the only one Michael was looking after very nicely, I had a text from one of his old girlfriends. She said, ‘Geraldine, Michael promised me that my allowance would continue so that I could pay my mortgage until the probate ended. Well, they have stopped it.’ So it’s not only me.”

She couldn’t fathom why Mr Winner’s financial advisers had not told him to make a joint account.

Mrs Winner, admitted however, that she still hired a housekeeper to maintain the couple’s £60m, 46-room Kensington home.