Michelle Obama interviewed by Will Ferrell in drag during very weird sketch

First Lady made an appearance on The Tonight Show

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Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon dressed as tween girls and interviewing Michelle Obama would be a little bizarre at the best of times, throw in the fact that the First Lady is trying to shoehorn in healthy eating tips for kids and it's close to terrifying.

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The comedians reprise their Sara and Stacey characters for the Tonight Show bit, two bratty kids obsessed with Harry Styles and generally anything 'cyyyute'.

Interviewing Obama about her likes and dislikes, it quickly becomes clear that the whole thing is centred around her ongoing health campaign, which has seen her tour the US ramming kale down the mouths of protesting children.

It all feels a bit mid-afternoon Nickelodeon as she declares exercising 'not ewww', though Ferrell does his damnedest to save the skit.

Obama recently spearheaded a healthy eating-themed hip hop album called Songs For A Healthier America, which includes the tracks We Like Vegetables and Veggie Luv.

Fallon recently took over from Conan O'Brien as the host of NBC's The Tonight Show, in his first appearance also tracing the history of hip hop dancing with Will Smith and giving a ragtime version of R Kelly's Ignition Remix.