Miley Cyrus gives Justin Bieber some questionable advice on Jay Leno: 'Pay people to make sure you don't get into trouble'

The controversial 21-year-old pop singer told Jay Leno how she felt the troubled teen should have handled his recent spate of arrests

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OK, so it is Miley Cyrus. And she is the new(ish) queen of headline-grabbing controversy, now everyone's a bit bored of Gaga wearing bedsheets and Rihanna wearing nothing.

But was the world prepared to hear the questionable advice she had in store for Justin Bieber, after his recent string of run-ins with the police – the latest of which could land him in jail?

If he’s got money, she suggested, he should buy his way out of the situation.

"You know what? You got a lot of money," she told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, delivering her message to Bieber through the medium of television. "Pay people to make sure you don't get in trouble."

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"And party at your house," she added. "Buy a house and add a club to it."

Asked how she manages to avoid being caught out indulging in illegal activities herself, she said: “It's funny because today, I was looking and some of my fans put all these people's mug shots up.

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"And they were like, 'I don't see a Miley mugshot yet'. And I get the most flak out of anybody - and I look and I think, 'I'm not doing anything illegal'.

"I'm doing a lot of s**t, but I'm not doing anything illegal. So that's alright. Everything I do is legal in California."

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Jay Leno also made sure he embarrassed the singer by showing the audience footage of her first ever TV appearance, which you can watch in the video below. It explains a lot:

But Miley wasn’t the only one to wax lyrical to – and about – the star yesterday.

Toronto’s scandal-plagued mayor Rob Ford, who has hit the headlines almost as frequently as the troubled teen for a string of embarrassing public incidents ( including being caught on camera drunkenly rambling away in Jamaican patois in a fast food restaurant), lent his full support to Bieber during an interview on Washington D.C. radio show The Sports Junkies.

"Well, you know what, he's a young guy," Ford, an avid football fan and regular guest on the show, said."At 19 years old, I wish I was as successful as he was. He's 19 years old, guys. Think back to when you were 19."

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The news comes after another day of full Bieber coverage, in which it was revealed that the star could face jail time for allegedly assaulting a limousine driver after he turned himself in at a Toronto police station.

The singer's Canadian lawyer said in a statement that Bieber is pleading ‘not guilty’ to the allegations.

Meanwhile, his toxicology reports were also released. Miami Beach police said Bieber told them he had taken a prescription medicine, smoked marijuana and consumed alcohol before he had gotten into his Lamborghini.

Justin Bieber isn't the only one who caused controversy in 2013. Miley had her moments, too: