Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: Rupert Murdoch’s Twitter conspiracy theories are bizarre

The media mogul eschewed actual news reporting entirely to tweet his own version of events

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Rupert Murdoch’s Twitter account is a treasure trove of random musings.

From the occasional haiku, to the odd personal titbit, and even a glimpse at a mildly jovial man behind that steely media mogul stare.

He even took the time out to do a ‘Which billionaire tycoon are you?’ Buzzfeed quiz, and posted the evidence up for all to see.

The result? Well, obviously he got himself.

“You once referred to yourself as the ‘billionaire tyrant,’” the winning description read. “And you weren’t entirely wrong. Not afraid to get in a fight with anyone to expand your power and influence.”

And it seems that estimation is almost entirely accurate, if Murdoch’s bizarre Twitter theories regarding the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are anything to go by.


In a remarkable four-post spree, the former director of News International eschewed reporting factual evidence altogether and plumped straight for wild speculation over assumed Islamic terrorism and a quick dig at Putin:

He then miraculously managed to link the plane’s disappearance in Asia to another disappearance. Yes, also in Asia, but of a man, rather than a plane, some 13 years ago:

Three minutes later, he followed it up with this:

Quite why he felt the need to throw his two pence into an on-going investigation that has left families distressed and bereft with very little information as to the whereabouts of their loved ones remains unclear. 

But hopefully, like the rest of us, they won’t take the words of the man behind News of the World quite as seriously as he does.