David Cameron on Miley Cyrus: 'My kids haven't connected lovely Hannah Montana with this person twerking'

Plus other embarrassing pop musings from the Prime Minister

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Always late to the party, but arriving none-the-less, David Cameron has become the latest person of note to to wade in on the great Miley Cyrus debate.

However, the Prime Minister was discussing the listening habits of his two children ˗ Nancy, nine, and Florence, three - and not, in fact, what is currently on shuffle on the No.10 iPod (that’s Babel by Mumford & Sons and First Aid Kit, apparently).

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Nodding to her ‘fall’ from wholesome TV character grace in an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Cameron said that he is thankful that his kids are too young to remember her as the flaxen-haired carrier of notebooks and perennial applier of lip gloss she once was.

"Luckily they haven't connected this lovely Hannah Montana, who is now this person twerking," he said.

But they’re not too young, he pointed out, to pick up bad language from pop music. Just like dad, who famously blasted Lily Allen’s carefree utilisation of the ‘f-bomb’, they too disapprove of swearing.


"They say, 'Daddy, that's the bad this or that word'. They are very conscious of that and they don't approve of swearing.

"They are quite right - the artists are wrong to swear, although I can't say I totally live by those rules myself."

When they’re allowed to listen to pop music and are not being forced to sit through hours of nature documentaries, that is.

"I try to get them away from the Disney channels to watch nature programmes," he said. "We try to limit screen time. We have rules. At the weekend: no television in the morning.

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"We don't do morning TV - they should be doing something."

As if sensing how heinously uncool he’d just made himself sound, Cameron decided to employ every politician’s favourite trick – appearing ‘down with the kids’ by admitting to being a fan of a reasonably current band. And then upping the cringe-factor by confessing to having gate-crashed one of their shows recently.

"There's quite a good way of sneaking in there," he said of that time he broke into the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire to catch his 'fave' sister act First Aid Kit undetected. And it wasn’t the first time he’d done it, either.

"I've got into a bit of a countryish thing," he added.

During the same interview, he also took a swipe at Jeremy Paxman with the back-handed  conclusion that "Jan Morris' book was much better" than the Newsnight presenter’s was.

He also shared his views on World War One. But no-one cared because they were all too busy talking about Miley Cyrus. Again.

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