Nancy Motes, Julia Roberts' half-sister, dies from suspected drug overdose aged 37

The body of Motes, the younger sister of Julia and her actor brother Eric Roberts, was found on Sunday

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Julia Roberts’ half-sister Nancy Motes has died of an apparent drug overdose aged just 37, the family confirmed in a statement to the New York Daily News on Monday.

The body of the production assistant, who is the youngest sibling of Julia and her older brother Eric Roberts, was found on Sunday.

“It is with deep sadness that the family of Nancy Motes...confirms that she was found dead in Los Angeles yesterday of an apparent drug overdose,” the statement read. “The family is both shocked and devastated.”

Lieutenant Fred Corral of the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner has since confirmed to US Weekly: “Nancy Motes was found dead at a residence in the bathroom yesterday, pronounced dead by the LA Fire Department at 2:12 PM yesterday.

“Not sure whose residence it was. She was found in a bathtub that had water in it. We're taking it as a suicide, not a drowning.“

“She's being examined today. We are waiting for the doctor to provide his findings.

“There were prescription and non-prescription drugs found at the scene. Cannot tell you what those drugs were. The role the drugs may or may not have played is not yet known. The investigator at the scene listed at this point that he is going with suicide and we are waiting for the doctor to finish the examination. We haven't gotten anything yet.“

Motes appears to have endured a complex relationship with Julia Roberts, 45.

Speaking to New York Daily News in August 2013, she described her relationship with her sibling as “a work in progress.”

“I think we're both trying to change our opinions of each other,” she apparently told the publication. “It's not going to be fixed overnight.“

“My family, we love each other absolutely,” said Motes. “I love Julia absolutely, and I have no doubt she loves me.”

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