Nick Grimshaw taken to hospital after swallowing glass live on Radio One

Fearne Cotton was forced to step in after a mishap involving a mug

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Nick Grimshaw was rushed to hospital during his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning after he swallowed glass.

The DJ was forced to seek medical attention after he consumed a bit of material from a mug he was drinking from.

According to a Radio 1 spokesperson, the glass is thought to have come from a dishwasher, though the exact cause of the incident is still unknown.

Fearne Cotton was forced to step in while Grimshaw was sent for an emergency X-ray.

"He's going to be absolutely fine. He's just gone to hospital to have a little check," she reassured worried listeners.

Grimshaw has since tweeted the following: "Went to hospy, had X-rays, coughed it up, all fine now. I can eat glass in a circus now if all else fails."


"Thanks to @Fearnecotton for standing in," he added.

"Nick has been given the all clear following a precautionary visit to hospital after swallowing a shard of glass in his coffee during his show," a Radio One representative added.