Orlando Bloom: I'm less impulsive as a dad

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Orlando Bloom is less impulsive now he is a father.

The 'Three musketeers' actor is a big fan of motorcycling but admits he doesn't ride as often as he used to since wife Miranda Kerr gave birth to their son Flynn 10 months ago.

He said: "I'm still pretty impulsive in some ways, but more conscious of my health and safety. I want to be around to be a big part of Flynn's life. Bike rides are more thought out, shall we say - but you've still got to live, right?"

Despite changing his lifestyle, the British actor has no regrets as he feels like the "luckiest" man in the world because of his great family life.

He told Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I'm the luckiest man alive. Miranda is an amazing woman and Flynn's the greatest.

I could talk about Miranda all day. I've become more myself since I've been with her. We travel a lot and we're together a lot, especially now we have Flynn. I think relationships can teach you more about yourself. And when we're together, it's just fantastic.

"I haven't spent more than five days apart from Flynn since he was born. He's a real cool cucumber, and he laughs more than he cries. He definitely has a lot of his mother's nature in that respect."

Source: Bang Showbiz