Cate Blanchett might have won an Oscar, but she also starred in one of the most embarrassing biscuit adverts ever

The Australian actress appeared in Tim Tams advert back in the mid-1990s

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She may have won her second Oscar award on Sunday night, but every actress has had a moment to forget in their career - and Cate Blanchett is no exception.

Blanchett became the first Australian to win two Oscars after collecting the Best Actress Academy Award for her performance in Woody Allen's hit film Blue Jasmine

But such is the determination of some internet users to humiliate celebrities, a sharp-eyed Youtube user managed to uncover footage of the 44-year-old in an advert for popular biscuit brand Tim Tams, which was filmed back in her native Australia in 1994.

In one of her first acting roles, it's evident to see how far Blanchett has come in 20 years, with the video perhaps not highlighting her best acting moments. But while there may be little quality in terms of production, the video holds some great entertainment value.

As she rummages through a packet of her Tim Tams, she finds a lamp before releasing the inevitable genie from inside.

Unsurprisingly, when told she is allowed three wishes, she asks for a pack of Tim Tams that "never run out", before devouring the biscuit - which magically appears - in a way that would certainly please her viewers.

The young Blanchett is then reminded she has two wishes left, to which her co-star foolishly asks for "two more", despite apparently now having an endless supply of biscuits.