Over half of UK public do not want Camilla Duchess of Cornwall to be queen

The poll showed that Prince Harry and Prince William are the most popular royals

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More than half of the British public do not want Camilla Duchess of Cornwall to become the queen, a survey has revealed.

A poll by the Daily Mail has shed light on how the public views the Duchess, and showed that if her husband Prince Charles were to succeed the throne, 55 per cent of the UK public would not want the Duchess to be queen.

It also laid bare how the nation is divided over whether Charles should become king if the Queen abdicates or dies, with only 43 per cent agreeing that he should ascend to the throne.

Around 40 percent of people admitted they believe Prince Charles should make way for his eldest son William to become king.

According to the poll, the Duchess , 67, is among the least popular members of the royal family with the public, amid speculation Prince Charles’ affair with her while he was married to Diana sparked the end of the relationship.

Interestingly, pollsters also found that the Duchess is no longer seen as the main reason for why Charles's marriage to Diana finished, with the Prince himself held to blame by 39 per cent, followed by Diana on 13 per cent and the Duchess on 12 per cent.

However, the Duchess’ standing with public has improved since the time of her wedding to Charles in April 2005, when 73 per cent of the public opposed her becoming queen. Now, 15 percent say that the marriage strengthened the royal family.

Meanwhile Prince William and Prince Harry were found to be the most popular royals, closely followed by the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge.

The poll comes after an aide to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge said Prince George is eagerly awaiting a new brother or sister later this month, though they say they do not know what sex the child will be.

Before the world is told, Queen Elizabeth II will be informed.

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