Patrick Stewart in a singing Christmas hat is the best present his fans could hope for

The legendary British actor is seen doing what he does best: looking grumpy with something childishly fun

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Sir Patrick Stewart couldn’t have sent a better Christmas card to his fans this year – but he doesn’t look delighted about it.

The much-loved actor appears in a YouTube video entitled “Sweet Hat Bro”, which is believed to have been uploaded by his wife Sunny Ozell, who is heard giggling in the background.

Stewart is seen wearing a light-up singing, dancing Christmas hat doing what he does best, looking grumpy while engaging in something childishly fun. He stays silent throughout the 30-seconds long video, but his face gestures are more than enough.

The X-Men actor is known for his sense of humour about these things and although he looked embarrassed for his singing hat, he shared the video link on Twitter with his 1.6 million followers, accompanied by “Merry Christmas”.

It’s hard not to smile at Stewart’s reaction to his energetic elf hat. Season’s Greetings to that.