Paul Walker: Fans hold memorial and car rally for Fast & Furious actor

Thousands turned out to pay their respects to the late Fast & Furious star

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Thousands turned out to pay their respects to the late Fast & Furious star Paul Walker during a special public memorial and car rally in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Fans of high performance cars revved their engines in honour at the social media-organised event in Santa Clarita, which was also attended by friends of the star, including co-star Rick Yune.

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“We mourn his loss, but maybe we could just remember how great a guy this guy was and celebrate his life,” Yune said.

Walker and his close friend Roger Rodas died when Rodas’ Porsche crashed and burst into flames last Saturday.

The memorial was scheduled to start at 12pm, but people arrived in their droves from the early hours to leave flowers, candles, soft toys and other tributes. By the afternoon, a crowd of some 5,000 had gathered.

According to police, the event remained mostly peaceful. However, a man was arrested for carrying a loaded gun. Several tickets were also issued for illegal parking.

The tribute ended with a procession through the area, situated 30 miles north west of the downtown area of Los Angeles.

Paul Walker’s autopsy results, confirming his cause of death, were released by the LA County Coroner's Office last week.

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The star died from a combination of “traumatic and thermal injuries”. This means that the forceful impact of the crash alone was not enough to kill the star. It was the high speed collision combined with the resulting combustion of the vehicle that ultimately led to his death, CNN reports.

Roger Rodas, the driver of the vehicle, died on impact. Thermal injuries were not among the causes of death listed as a factor.

Toxicology results for both individuals will be made available in six to eight weeks. However, the Medical Examiner has already ruled that both deaths were an accident.

A tribute video, featuring some of Paul Walker’s best career moments, has also been unveiled. Watch it in full below: