Piers Morgan axed from CNN: Just how much does Twitter hate its biggest A-list troll?

The former Mirror editor feels the wrath of hundreds of followers who rejoice at the news his US TV show has been axed

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The thing is, when you spend the majority of your social media life terrorising footballers (ask Rio Ferdinand, Gary Lineker and Wayne Rooney for details), starting feuds with other TV personalities (Jeremy Clarkson, Lord Sugar) and slamming transgender activists (Janet Mock), you tend to get a reputation for being a bit of a troll.

And that’s exactly what Twitter considers Piers Morgan to be, if the posts rejoicing in the axing of his show, Piers Morgan Live, from US channel CNN are anything to go by.

Piers Morgan's Show Axed By CNN

"It’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings," Morgan told the New York Times on Sunday, candidly confirming the reports.

Morgan’s axing was down to a number of reasons – including the fact he’d spent the last year relentlessly hammering supporters of gun rights in America, particularly the National Rifle Association (NRA), in the wake of the Newtown school massacre in Connecticut that killed 27 people.

His heavy-handed approach to the issue provoked so much anger, a petition signed by 109,000 people was delivered to the White House demanding he be deported back to the UK as a result.


Meanwhile, his sensational coverage of other sensitive topics, such as transgenderism, curried little favour with his more liberal audience members.


But it seems the trolling karma has come back three-fold on the former Daily Mirror editor, who has been trending on the micro-blogging site since news of his latest career nosedive first hit the headlines.

Of course, the award for the best response to ‘Piers Morgan gets sacked’ goes to Jobsite, for this ingenious PR stunt:

And an honourable mention goes to GCS Recruitment too, for this gem:

While many of Piers' biggest foes have stayed silent in the wake of his axing, others took the opportunity by the throat, shook it, and threw it back into the Twittersphere:

Other news sites ran hilarious spoof articles. Including the ever-brilliant Daily Mash:

And then there were just the average folk who really, really seem to dislike him:

Even Gandalf got involved in the mass Piers Morgan troll-a-thon:

And a pigeon, too:

And that's before we even scrolled down as far as the football jokes:

Twitter trolls be warned - the internet is always poised to fire back.