Prince Charles strikes supermarket deal for Duchy Originals

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The Prince of Wales' organic food company today announced the launch of a partnership deal with Waitrose.

Duchy Originals has agreed a deal with the high end supermarket that will see the retailer exclusively sell goods produced by Charles' firm and more than double its range.

The business's profits - which are donated to The Prince's Charities Foundation - have fallen significantly in recent years during the downturn.

Waitrose's managing director Mark Price said millions will be invested into developing the Duchy brand but Sir Michael Peat, Charles' principal private secretary, stressed the joint venture was not a case of the retailer saving the Prince's business.

He said: "This is all to do with moving to the next level. You know Waitrose aren't in some way bailing out or rescuing Duchy Originals because we are not staying as we are, we're fine as we are, they are helping us to move to the next level."

The partnership which begins on October 1 would give the supermarket chain exclusive rights to originate, manufacture, distribute and sell Duchy products in the UK.

It aims to expand the range from 200 products to around 500 and will pay a royalty to Duchy Originals on all wholesale and retail sales.