Relationships: The one that got away (lucky Kate: hers is Johnny Depp)


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The One That Got Away is a potent figure in novels, films, love songs – and real life. A quick poll of the Trending desk reveals that men are as likely to have an OTGA as women. It's not necessarily an ex-partner who you have unfinished business with – it can be a crush that never came good or someone you were at college with that you still wonder about.

The OTGA is the why Friends United boomed, and why Facebook is said to be the cause of one in five divorces in the US. And while not everyone has one, it's gratifying to us mere, civilian mortals of average (or below) attractiveness to hear that none other than Kate Moss has an OTGA. In an interview with Vanity Fair for the December issue, she reveals that her ex, Johnny Depp, is hers. "There's nobody that's ever really been able to take care of me. Johnny did for a bit. That's what I missed when I left... Nightmare. Years and years of crying. Oh, the tears!".

Kate, we feel your pain.