Richard Dawkins' sexy genetics poem gets Twitter geeks hot under the collar

The evolutionary biologist and poetry lover posted this short and smutty piece of prose for his followers earlier

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An innuendo-filled poem of magnificently smutty genetic proportions, written by The God Delusion author Richard Dawkins, made its way into the public sphere today (scroll down to read it in full).

The famed atheist – and evolutionary biologist – posted a sexy little something for his followers to wake up to on Twitter.

And their reaction to it was – if you could visually wade through the cyber-vom to get to it – predictably amusing.

Of course, Dawkins’ love of poetry is nothing new. In fact, his passion for the nineteenth-century romantics, who accused scientists of making nature out to be far less wondrous than it appears, made up part of the central riposte for his 1998 book, Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder.

In it, he proposes the idea that the rainbow is no less beautiful having been refracted into its component colours, and that scientific reductionism has allowed human beings to discover a beauty far greater than what the romantics could have possibly imagined had ever existed.


But what, dare we ponder, would Yeats have made of this little number?

We’ll never know, because the Irish literary great died in 1939. So instead, here are some random Dawkins followers on Twitter to answer on his behalf:

Still. It wasn't anywhere near as polarising as this piece, written by a certain Twilight actress and recited to one mildly uncomfortable journalist during a cover interview for Marie Claire.

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