Robbie Williams' on air proposal 'was a joke'

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Singer Robbie Williams' live radio proposal to his girlfriend was a joke, his spokesman said today.

The former Take That man appeared on Australia's Kyle And Jackie O Show with American girlfriend Ayda Field when he popped the question.

But his spokesman confirmed: "He did say it, but he did it in a jocular manner. They are not engaged."

On Sydney's 2Day FM he said: "Will you marry me? I love you so much, would you mind being my betrothed until the end of time?"

Field replied: "I would love to be your betrothed until the end of time."

Without a ring to offer, the radio presenter quickly removed her "froggie" ring.

"Give us your finger, kiddo," Williams said, and presented her with the loaned ring.

The pair had been discussing how they got together at a party in Los Angeles, with Williams confessing he had been unimpressed with Field when they first met.

He admitted that later that evening he soon got to see her real personality and fell in love.

The radio presenter told them Sydney has a reputation for celebrity proposals and asked if they would consider marriage.

After a few seconds of dead air, with Field calling the situation "awkward", Williams popped the question.

For the remainder of the show, Williams maintained the proposal was genuine and accepted the congratulations of fans phoning in to speak with him.

But when a caller asked what was the last lie he had told, Williams said: "I told one this morning ..."

He then added: "I mainly just tell people the truth. With the exception of a few white lies here and there."

Williams' mother Jan Williams said her son's proposal is genuine.

Speaking to presenter Phil Williams on Radio 5 Live, she said she was busy shopping for an engagement card for the happy couple.

"He wanted to do something different," she said. "She's a lovely girl and I'm really pleased for them. I've got a daughter-in-law."

She said she had known about her son's intention for about a week so the news was "no surprise" when it came.

When questioned on the absence of a ring, she replied: "We don't always have to have the ring, but there is one."

She hinted that Williams has been shopping for a ring and had discussed the style he was looking for.

"I'm very excited, I'm really pleased," she said. "They've been together for nearly three years so it's about time."

She also joked that she might be back out shopping for a hat soon, with a wedding not too far in the future.