Roger Lloyd-Pack: Best of Trigger's Only Fools and Horses scenes


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British actor Roger Lloyd-Pack, who died today at the age of 69, will always be remembered for his lovable simpleton Trigger in Only Fools and Horses - here are his best bits.

With his permanently deadpan expression in the role and perfect timing, Lloyd-Pack made so many OFAH scenes and Trigger would go on to influence future comedies, with Graham Linehan tweeting today that he was '"an ancestor to (Father Ted's) Father Dougal and I'm glad I once had a chance to tell him so."

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His best known quirk was probably his complete inability to call Rodney by the right name, a silly gag but one that never failed to raise a smile. Here Rodney finally confronts him over it.

History was also not Trigger's strong point, as we saw in this scene in which he questions the transient fame of Mahatma Ghandi.


Many of Trigger's best lines revolved round his misreading of situations, as with this clip in which Del Boy panics after finding out he may have a previously unknown daughter.

His business acumen was as questionable as his IQ, with even Del being wary of his dealings.

Who could forget that blue suit though, in a scene which has gone down in comedy history and is made by Trigger's look of sheer bewilderment.