Ronnie Wood taken to rehab by Damien Hirst

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Ronnie Wood has revealed he was once kidnapped by Damien Hirst and taken to rehab.

The Rolling Stones rocker - who has a history of alcoholism - explained he owes the artist after he "rescued" him by putting him into the back of a van and onto his private plane to ensure he sought help about drink and drug issues.

Talking on his Absolute Radio Classic Rock show, the 64-year-old musician confessed: "I've blown millions of pounds on booze and drugs in the past, but Damien rescued me.

''He bundled me into the back of a bread van to avoid the paparazzi and then whisked me away on his private plane. There began my life of recovery. I owe that man a lot."

Mick Hucknall recently claimed Ronnie has now overcome his alcoholism.

The singer revealed his The Faces bandmate finds it "hard" when the 'Stay with Me' hitmakers come off stage after a gig because they often celebrate with a drink, but he isn't "struggling" to control his addiction.

Mick said: "I still have a drink. I love a drink because I've never had that problem, that disease. I know my limit.

"But it's hard for Ronnie when we come off stage and have a drink and start buzzing.

"Poor Ron wants to get out of it before we start talking rubbish. I think he is still sensitive to it being around but at the same time, I really feel he's not struggling any more."

Source:Bang Showbiz