Rupert Murdoch: father, hiker, helper...


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You would think Rupert Murdoch had been advised to present a more human face. The News Corp chief, described last week by former rival Conrad Black as "a psychopath... like Stalin, except that he doesn't kill people", has gone all cuddly.

Recovering from the criticism he received when he called those seeking tighter privacy laws "celebrity scum", he appeared to invade his own by tweeting this picture of himself and his son, Lachlan.

Earlier, the 81-year-old posted a similar photo featuring his daughter, Chloe, nine. Before that, he leapt to the assistance of a businessman who had tweeted a complaint about the delivery of his Wall Street Journal. The paper's owner became a customer service assistant, being careful to tweet a response that could be seen by his 350,000 followers.

Rupie M: father; hiker; helper. Keep an eye out for the TV ads.