Rupert Murdoch took the 'Which billionaire tycoon are you?' test... And got himself

The results to Buzzfeed's quiz were more than a little revealing for the media tycoon

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Quite why Rupert Murdoch felt the sudden existential need to clarify his own identity remains unknown.

But yesterday, the media mogul took Buzzfeed's 'Which billionaire tycoon are you?' test just to make sure.

The results?

Luckily for Murdoch, he was indeed able to confirm that he is, shock of shocks, Rupert Murdoch.

And just to make sure we now know what he knew all along, and that he is aware that Buzzfeed is a thing that exists on the internet now, he got his chief of staff to post the evidence on Twitter:

Worryingly, after taking the very same quiz, we too found out that we were Rupert Murdoch. Which was a tad confusing.

But we were rather amused by the text alongside our result.  Not sure the real Murdoch would have found it quite so funny, however:


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