Send your nominations now for the <i>IoS</i> Happy List 2012


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Our fifth annual Independent on Sunday Happy List is now being prepared, and we’re seeking nominations.

The Happy List is our antidote to all those rich lists, wealth lists and celebrity lists, and it honours a different set of values. It celebrates 100 people who give back; those who, without thought for personal gain or recognition, make Britain a better, more well-adjusted, and happier place. Those on previous lists include inventors, inspirational teachers, women who have fostered hundreds of children, hedge fund managers who gave it all up to work on deprived estates, hyperactive fund-raisers, and inspirational teachers. 

Your nomination could be a doctor, midwife, comedian, business person who mentors youngsters on an estate, charity founder, artist, musician, someone who has battled to save part of our countryside or heritage – anyone whose motive is human happiness, rather than feathering their own nest. But not celebrities – the Happy List is now exclusively for the unsung.

All we need are a few details, and the reason you’re nominating them. We’ll do the rest. Send your nominations by email to, (no attachments, please), or, by post, to: IoS Happy List, Letters editor, Independent on Sunday, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5HF.

Last year’s list can be found HERE