Sport Relief 2014: 5 Reasons why Davina McCall is harder than Danny Dyer

Can Danny Dyer look a 500 mile run, cycle and swim in the eye, cry at it, then demolish it whole?

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Danny Dyer is Britain's hardest man, according to himself.

But we defy anyone to take on Davina McCall's gruelling Beyond Breaking Point 500mile run, cycle, swim and climb and defeat it. Here are 5 reasons why she's infinitely harder.

1. Because while Dyer might have met some dodgy geezers in a dimly lit back alley in Landan somewhere, Davina faced something far more terrifying - and icy rain storm. Professor Greg Whyte, the trainer for the Sport Relief challenges, said during her challenge: “These are the worst weather conditions we've seen on any challenge - it's the worst weather ever.”

2. Because she put her marriage on the line. For charity. “If you never give it a chance to get through something difficult, you never get to that step where you think, 'I know you, and you know me'.” Well 'ard. Emotionally as well as physically.



4. Because she presented The Jump - aka the most ludicrously dangerous theatre of celebrity humiliation. And she lived to tell the tale.

Britain's hardest? Not next Davina you're not, son. The face of a defeated man.


5. Because we've never seen Danny Dyer conquer the width of Lake Windermere, go into shock with hypothermia, cry, then hit the road for a 14-hour cycle just hours later. Consider your ass well and truly handed to you, Mr Dyer. Case in point? The truly unbelievable footage below: