Spotlight On...Anthony Browne; Next chief executive of the British Bankers' Association


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First task?

Listen to the Chancellor's speech at Mansion House tomorrow night and analyse the nuances. How far have the banks got in overturning key parts of Sir John Vickers' report on banking? Can they push further? How high, wide or deep should the fence which rings retail banking from casino banking be?

Who he?

Former journalist with The Times, Observer and BBC. Moved into the world of think-tanks (right of centerish) and then became Lond on Mayor Boris Johnson's policy director for economic development. Most recently Morgan Stanley's chief lobbyist. At the age of 47, he remains a high-flier.

Stepping into the shoes of?

Angela Knight. Fiesty and funny former Tory Treasury Minister who is off to no less calm pastures as the boss of Energy UK. (You thought bankers were unloved? Wait until you see what happens to power generators.) She guided the banking world through the five most turbulent years in the industry and scored points for never ducking the issues and teaching far better-paid people than herself how to apologise.

What's next?

Carry on apologising. Continue to tell the top bankers that they are still paying themselves far too much. Oh, and as you say in your own words "ensure the banking sector returns to health, remains in Britain, and has the trust of the public and politicians".


George Osborne is desperate to start selling off some of the taxpayer stakes in Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds. Don't let him oversell the strength of the industry. Vince Cable will have a dig when ever he can. New entrants like Metro Bank, Virgin Bank and even M&S will want to grab their slice of the BBA cake at the expense of longer-established banks. Don't punt on who might be the next Governor of the Bank of England. You could put several noses out of joint.