Stan Collymore attacks Twitter for failing to take action against users who tweet racist abuse and death threats


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Ex-England footballer and broadcaster Stan Collymore has attacked Twitter for failing to take action against people who tweet racist abuse and death threats.

Mr Collymore, 42, called for other high-profile users to put pressure on the social media site and was backed by several including journalist Piers Morgan and former England rugby player Brian Moore.

He retweeted a number of vile racist comments and threats that he had received after suggesting Liverpool striker Luis Suarez had dived in last Saturday’s game against Aston Villa and also highlighted Twitter’s lack of action over previous complaints.

"Police take all complaints seriously, whoever it is," Mr Collymore tweeted. "I've waited 6 weeks for Twitter to provide information to police. Yet to respond.

"Several police forces have been fantastic. Twitter haven't. Dismayed.

"Staffordshire Police coming, again. Just the 5th time. Pity Twitter aren't interested."

He questioned why Twitter was not abiding by television and print media rules. "It’s live broadcasting. It’s their responsibility!" he said.

"The more high profile people STAND UP and ask for change, the quicker the change will happen," he added.

Mr Morgan, who received abuse after supporting Mr Collymore, said: "Racist abuse & death threats both criminal offences in UK. So keep spewing it, trolls, and I will have you ALL dealt with."

And Mr Moore ‏said: "Failure of @TwitterUK to shut accounts of extreme/illegal tweets now beyond reasonable practicability; they either don’t care or it's too costly."

West Midlands Police said it was investigating "alleged abusive tweets" sent to Mr Collymore.

"Hate crime will NOT be tolerated. If you believe an offence has been committed online, visit," the force said.

A Twitter spokeswoman said the company was unable to comment on individual users.

However she pointed out that targeted abuse was against its rules and the site had recently made it easier for users to report abusive messages to them.

There are "established processes" in place for working with law enforcement, the spokeswoman added.