Tamara Ecclestone tells internet bullies: 'Do not mess with my child or I will kill you'

Ecclestone, the daughter of F1 boss Bernie, said someone on Instagram called her own daughter "overweight"

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Tamara Ecclestone is a parent like most others: fiercely defensive of her offspring and willing to protect them at any lengths.

She recently warned web trolls not to target their vitriol at her baby Sophia, who was born in March of this year.

“I posted a picture of Sophia on Instagram when she was three months old and someone wrote a really mean comment saying that she was overweight,” she reportedly told the Sun, according to the Mirror.

“She is purely breastfed and was just thriving. I went mental. Do not f*** with my child, or I will kill you.”

The 30-year-old Formula 1 heiress stars in a new reality show about her life called Seven Days With… Tamara and Jay [Rutland, her husband] airing on new channel ItvBe at 10pm tonight.


The episode, which is part of a series giving a peek into the relationships of a number of ‘celebrity’ couples,  shows Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter in her plush domestic set-up.

At one point in the episode she struggles to differentiate between toast and bread.

In it, she says: “Toast is not bread. Like bread is a whole loaf that hasn't been sliced up. This is clearly toast, it's different. Bread is like what you have in a bread basket at a restaurant.”

The other couples in the show include Brian McFadden [from Westlife] and his wife Vogue, in addition to TV actress Jennifer Ellison and her husband Robbie Tickle.