The Business On... Alexandre Behring, Managing partner, 3G Capital Partners

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Never heard of him. Or it

Mr Behring is something of a queijo grande in his native Brazil, a veteran private equity manager, and 3G is backed by some of the richest Brazilian investors, not least the billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann.

And we are hearing of Mr Behring now, why?

Because 3G just agreed a $4bn takeover of Burger King, and he will be appointed co-chairman if the deal goes through. The deal reflects the growing wealth in the Brazilian economy.

What are his qualifications?

He is a former locomotive engineer who made the trains run on time in Latin America. His previous private equity employers installed him to run America Latina Logistica (ALL), which has 13,000 miles of track in Brazil and Argentina. More recently, 3G seized control of CSX, a rail company in the US, and installed him as a director.

From choo choo, to chew chew, you might say.

If you must.

What's the attraction of hamburgers?

Burger King is one of the world's most famous brands, but the stock market hasn't loved it, and it is going through a period of poor sales. While McDonald's has spruced up its menus, its arch-rival looks dowdy and out-of-time. All of which means lots of upside if the buyers get it right.

Mr Behring will be in post by year end?

Not so fast. Burger King has until mid-October to solicit a better offer from other potential buyers, though analysts do say 3G is paying a meaty price.

Isn't the UK's private equity firm 3i Group interested?

You may have read that, but no. The first published rumours that BK might be going private got the name of the buyer wrong. Cloth ears, it appears. Not 3i, but 3G. Remember the name. The Brazilians are coming.