The Business On... Antony Jenkins, CEO, Global retail banking, Barclays

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Bob Diamond's bag carrier?

That's rather unkind. It's true that Mr Jenkins barely got a word in edgeways when he appeared alongside his boss at the Treasury Select Committee yesterday – and Mr Diamond's insistence on calling him "AJ" didn't do much for his power broker image – but he is a genuine big cheese. He runs the retail bank at Barclays – the bit that doesn't employ all those egotistical money grabbers – which is one of the world's biggest.

He's the poor relation, you mean?

Hardly. Retail bankers may not be quite as well-remunerated as the wheelers and dealers, but Mr Jenkins has done all right. Not least because a couple of years back he got a whacking pay day of his own. He was recruited by John Varley, the former Barclays chief executive, who promised him a seat on the bank's executive committee but then failed to deliver after changing his mind about a reorganisation of senior management. Mr Jenkins is thought to have received several million pounds of compensation – and he got the seat in the end anyway.

Goodness. Another ball-breaker?

Far from it. Dubbed the "nice guy of banking," Mr Jenkins is renowned for a much more collegiate approach to than most of his peers. He rarely raises his voice and is regarded as measured and considered.

A pushover in other words?

Don't fall into the trap of assuming you have to be horrible to make it in the City. Let's put it this way: one of the few conflicts we do know about involving Mr Jenkins was his relationship with Fritz Seegers, who used to run Barclays retail and commercial banking division and who wasroutinely described as "menacing". The pair of them never saw eye to eye – and only one of them is still working at Barclays.

So what's next?

The top job awaits. Tipped last year as a possible chief executive of Lloyds before it swooped on Santander's UK boss, Mr Jenkins is a real contender to succeed Mr Diamond in a few years' time.